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While we value our organizational culture, we never lose sight of our real mission – to provide outstanding service to our clients. We are invested in relationships with our customers for the long haul and that means making certain we listen carefully so we can deliver service that fits each client’s specific needs.

Insurance is a complex product. We take extra care to provide information to our clients to help them make an informed decision. Only after hearing someone describe what their goals and concerns are for their operation do we begin to create a cost-effective program that fits their tolerance for risk.

When you’ve got Brown & Brown in your corner, you have a team of professionals ready to help when you need them. We don’t just secure insurance coverage for our customers; we help them develop effective programs that can reduce claims and lower premiums.

Our clients benefit from the strength of doing business with the nation’s sixth largest insurance broker. Meanwhile, they are working directly with someone who is active in their community. We consider ourselves the nation’s best local agent. We know our customer service standards are on the mark because our retention rates are strong, year after year.

There is one compliment we value above all others: When existing clients introduce us to friends or colleagues, they say they can’t run their business without our advice. After that introduction, we’re off and running again. Because we pounce at the chance to show a new client how quick and nimble we are. That keeps us trying to establish yet another “personal best.” And that is why we race on.


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